New York City Labor Chorus
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In The Spotlight

Read about one of our Tenors,
Velma B. Hill.


We've featured other chorus members in the past. View the archive for our previous spotlights.

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Enjoy group singing? Enjoy stirring music that honors the past of peoples' struggles and encourages change for a better future for all? No sight-reading needed! We Will have auditions on Monday, Sept. 12th. For details, click here

Please contact us to have the Chorus sing at your picket line, rally, meeting or other event.

New York City Labor Chorus
917-597-7933 (Jeff Vogel, Public Relations)

NYC Labor Chorus
P.O. Box 2
New York, NY 10159

Members as of Autumn, 2011

Sopranos | First Altos | Second Altos | Tenors | Basses | Missed the session


Front row: Patricia Logan, Sonya Thomson, Elizabeth Graves, Betty Ralston, Marguerite Lavin, Debbie Zanca, Harriet Silver. Back row: Barbara Bailey, Judith Kleinberg, Sarah Eisenberg, Ronnie Schier David, Lois Ross, Brenda Ryan, Joy Altidor, Terry Weissman, Rona Armillas, Betty Reid, Georgia Wever

First Altos

Front row: Jessie Stith-Wilson, Esther Moroze-Davis, Donna Reid, Ann Gael, Gwen Dennis. Middle row: Claire Maida, Sidney Sugarman, Dorothy Buzawa-Wiedis, Ida Mutch, Ann Lino, Denise Jones, Barbara Schwimmer. Back row: Judy Verne, Inez Pedrosa, Susan Zugaib

Second Altos

Front row: Mildred Pechman, Floretha Brown, Kathy Goldman, Ellen Zablow, Lenore Greenberg, Judy Hoffman. Back row: Isabel Goldstein, Sara Barnes, Phyllis Gunther, Susan Skolnick, Beverly Gillia, Mimi Bluestone, Marion Goldberg, Ellen Bitkower, Judy Lacoff, Karin Hoenig, Mariana Gaston, Barbara Barnes


Front row: Velma Hill, Ruth Hirsch, Suzanne Engel, Ginger Pinkard, Ione Foote, Judy Wood. Back row: Bobby Greenberg, Jesse Kasowitz, Lincoln Bonner, Mark Abendroth, Robert Harris, Brent Kramer


Front row: Paul Kopelman, Jerry Gillia, Leonard Zablow, George Marshall. Back row: Jeff Vogel, Eric Shtob, Tom Karlson, Robert Stack, Eugene Hamond, Ricky Eisenberg

Missed the photo session

Jake Rakochy (First alto), Jessy Lewis (Soprano), Susan Peters (Second alto), Luis Roman (Tenor).
NOT PICTURED: Marion Bowie, Helene Gasner, Frankie Holbrook, Fran Motola